MicroSys provides the Cyber Security and Systems Engineering professional services needed to prevail in the intelligence, homeland security, law enforcement and defense arenas. At MicroSys, our solutions cover the full spectrum of the information technology (IT) life cycle from architecture, design and development through delivery and support. One of the values of working with us is our depth and breadth across the entire IT life cycle and across a multitude of platforms. Our experts work closely with our customers to understand and ensure the right technologies are utilized and implemented that best achieve their business objectives.

In the end, our solutions are an extension of our customers' business or mission needs and requirements. As a services provider, our focus is to serve our customers helping them achieve greater overall business or mission performance through the use of technological advancements.

MicroSys serves the business or mission needs of its customers through the delivery of integrity and result driven professional services in the following core technology disciplines:




MicroSys' thoughtful approach to client engagements ensures that the solution we develop for you is custom-tailored to your business and technical needs, not a "canned" solution used with other customers. Our experts employ the right combination of proven methodologies and emerging technologies to provide high-value solutions with long-term as well as immediate return on investment.

Rapid Services Delivery (RSD) Model

MicroSys ID3C Project Methodology