At MicroSys, we follow an organized, formalized process that incorporates industry best practices for Full Life Cycle Project Engineering. The MicroSys Process or ID3C Project Methodology is a five-stage methodology for developing reliable, innovative solutions for our clients. The MicroSys Process is the result of our extensive experience, a compilation of industry best practices, and helps to ensure quality delivery of services and solutions to our clients. We customize the ID3C Project Methodology to meet each client's particular needs and support each of our service lines, which span the strategic, technical, and creative disciplines of the Information Technology (IT) Life Cycle. The process is highly iterative and infinitely scalable. We use the information learned through our client engagements and advancements in the industry to continually update and improve our processes.

The MicroSys ID3C Project Methodology has 5 Stages:

Stage 1 - Inception
In the Inception stage, our professionals work extensively with our client's senior business and technical personnel to understand the business needs; explore the possible opportunities; and identify any impacts on the client's business. During the Inception stage, we quickly identify potential solutions that can be developed to implement those strategies.

Stage 2 - Design
In the Design stage, our professionals work closely with our client's technical personnel to define the technical environment that will support the client's business. This includes understanding the client's existing technology infrastructure in an effort to maximize its use and ensure that new applications are compatible with the client's existing infrastructure. At the end of the Inception and Design stages, which may be undertaken concurrently, the client is presented with a blueprint of the solution.

Stage 3 - Develop
In the Develop stage, the client's solution is constructed and extensively tested. This process consists of a series of planned iterations during which the solution blueprint is programmed and refined. Upon completion of numerous iterations, the system goes through a final system test to ensure that the developed solution meets the requirements of the client that were identified in the Define stage. The result of the Develop stage is a complete business computing platform that meets the client's specifications and will serve as a platform for continued evolution of the client's business.

Stage 4 - Deliver
In the Deliver stage, we implement the solution and transition the ongoing operation, maintenance and support of the solution to the client. Delivering the solution and going "live" typically entails coordination with the client's Release Management and Operations Teams; installation of hardware and software systems, managing business process changes, and implementing a support structure for the client.

Stage 5 - Close
In the Close stage, we successfully close the project and make a formal announcement with the client and team members. Additionally, during the Close stage we ensure the client's user community and technical personnel have received full and complete knowledge transfer and all documentation to support the solution.