Code of Conduct Policy

Message from the President

We expect to be leaders in our industry, and, at MicroSys, ethical business is good business – it’s the foundation of a successful business.  Our business success depends on our commitment to, and reputation for, operating with integrity, respect, accountability, and honor.  To do so, we must uphold our Core Values and our Code of Conduct.  MicroSys’ Code of Conduct is a written guideline to help us make good business decisions; it’s our guide for doing the right thing.  It’s the foundation for our company’s policies. Of course, the Code of Conduct cannot address every business situation, but it is a good source to provide guidance on how we should conduct our business.  Ethical business must be everyday business for every one of us.  After all, there’s no right way to do the wrong thing.

If you need further guidance, it’s important to seek advice; you can always talk to your Project Manager, Site Manager/Director, HR representative, or Executive Management Team.

Mike Settle



This Code of Conduct sets forth the basic ethical standards that apply to all employees of MicroSys.  It may also apply to consultants, lobbyists, brokers, agents, and other representatives of MicroSys.  The Code of Conduct serves as a foundation for the company’s policies, and all employees are encouraged to review the policies posted on the company’s website or obtain them from your corporate HR representative or Executive Management Team.

Reporting and Retaliation
All employees are required to report any suspected violation of the law, applicable regulations, company policies, or the provisions of this Code of Conduct to their supervisors, HR representative, or a corporate executive.  When deciding whether an action is ethical, employees are encouraged to consider the following questions:

  •  Does it comply with MicroSys’ Core Values?
  •  Is it the right thing to do?
  •  Were others treated the way I want to be treated?
  •  Would MicroSys or I be embarrassed if this action was reported in the newspaper?
  •  Is it legal?

Corrective action may extend to individuals responsible for the failure to prevent, detect, or report known violation.  However, in cases in which a reporting employee is involved in a violation the employee may be disciplined when appropriate.  Retaliation against those who in good faith report harassment, discrimination, or any other violation of policy or wrongdoing is strictly prohibited.

Appropriate corrective action, up to and including termination, may be taken against any employee whose conduct violates this Code of Conduct.

Company Records
MicroSys expects employees to create clear and accurate records, whether paper or electronically, and to maintain them securely in accordance with generally accepted accounting practices, any applicable governmental laws, and company policy.  Records destruction should be governed by company approved retention schedules and any applicable litigation and tax holds.

Confidential and Personal Information
Each day, MicroSys employees are entrusted with confidential information about the company, from and about other employees, customers and vendors.  MicroSys employees are prohibited from sharing any confidential information with third parties.



  • We are a company of diverse people working together to serve our country by providing the best in IT Systems Engineering and Integration support to our Federal Government customers nationwide. 
  • We strive to be honorable people.
  • We strive to conduct ourselves with honor, integrity, and character.
  • We strive to honor God and be a faith friendly company.

MicroSys’ Core Values ensure our company’s commitment to the well being of all MicroSys employees.  All employees are expected to act responsibly in the workplace by treating each other with dignity and respect; following all rules, regulations, and laws; reporting policy violations; and working ethically and honestly at all times.

Employee Bill of Rights
MicroSys is committed to fostering an environment in which employees can work together in a safe and productive workplace.  MicroSys has implemented an employee Bill of Rights setting forth the rights and responsibilities of all employees, including the right to a safe workplace, the right to be free from discrimination and retaliation, the right to certain information, the right to compensation for work performed, the right to choose, and the right to tell MicroSys First.

Dignity and Respect
Employees should treat one another with dignity and respect at all times.  Employees should always be fair; reasonable; and courteous in their interactions with each other.  Employees should all practice the “Golden Rule” of treating others as they wish to be treated, thus helping to create a unified and respectful workplace.

Inclusion and Diversity
Understanding, respecting, and valuing inclusion and diversity is central to both MicroSys’ Core Values and its business philosophy. At MicroSys, all employees strive to live our company’s Core Values and put people at the center of the company’s business. Employees continually work to reach our goal of creating a culture and a vision that supports and enhances all employees. This culture should appreciate the MicroSys team as a whole, as well as the unique qualities and talents of each individual. MicroSys is dedicated to maintaining an inclusive work environment where all employees feel welcome and each individual is a valued member of the MicroSys team.

Equitable Treatment
Harassment or discrimination by employees on the basis of race, sex, age, religion, veteran’s status, color, national origin, disability, or sexual orientation is strictly prohibited, and such behavior by anyone, including directors, officers, supervisors, co-workers, managers, vendors, brokers, clients, or customers that affects employees will not be tolerated. Employees are expected to exercise good judgment in their relationships and conduct in the workplace.
Employees should immediately report any perceived harassment or discrimination to a Project Manager, Site Manager/Director, a Human Resources representative, or Executive Management. MicroSys is committed to investigating all complaints and taking swift remedial action when appropriate. 

Drug Abuse Policy
MicroSys is a ‘Drug-Free’ workplace and is committed to providing a safe and ‘Drug-Free’ environment for its employees, partners, vendors, and customers.  A large part of MicroSys’ success relies upon each employee performing his or her best while at work.  Using alcohol or illegal drugs in the workplace prevents employees from contributing at their highest levels and potentially puts their fellow employees in danger.  Accordingly, MicroSys uses the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988 to guide our policies for creating a ‘Drug-Free’ workplace.  We expect MicroSys employees not to use, distribute, or sell illegal drugs of any sort or kind at any time.  We reserve the right to test employee’s for the use of illegal drugs.  Further, we strongly encourage employees to seek help for any dependency issues.

Potential Conflicts with MicroSys’ Business (Conflicts of Interests)
Employees have a duty to avoid possible conflicts of interest. For example, if a situation arises where an employee’s or affiliated party’s personal interest conflicts with the interests of MicroSys, or an employee  uses his or her MicroSys position to achieve personal gain, a conflict of interest may exist. Such a conflict of interest may harm the integrity of both MicroSys and the employee. All employees have a duty to report any personal, property, or business interests or obligations that might conflict or appear to conflict with the interests of MicroSys. Situations that may present a conflict of interest will be evaluated for propriety by the MicroSys Executive Management on an individual basis.

Use of Company Assets
MicroSys provides employees with the assets necessary to achieve company goals.  These assets may include such items as a computer (laptop or desktop), a cell phone, or other company owned assets. Assets also include confidential company information, company goodwill, or company logos.  Misuse of any company asset costs the company money and is prohibited.  MicroSys expects employees to use good judgment to avoid compromising the company.
Email and Internet Usage
MicroSys provides employees with computers (laptops/desktops) as tools and resources for performing their duties and responsibilities in the performance of their jobs in order that they can perform at the highest possible level in their support of our customers or to advance the growth of the company.  When an employee uses a MicroSys e-mail or instant messaging account, or visits a Web site on the Internet at work, or uses access to the Internet granted by MicroSys, he or she is in effect representing MicroSys to the world.  MicroSys expects each employee to use e-mail and the Internet with this in mind. Employees may not use these tools at work for personal gain or for unlawful or unethical purposes.  Employees are expected to use e-mail and the Internet responsibly and to limit personal use of these tools in the workplace so that it will not affect job performance or the success of the company.  MicroSys does monitor employee usage of e-mail and the Internet.

In the event a MicroSys employee is granted use of a computer (laptop/desktop) that is property of our customer or is property of the United States Government they are expected to abide by this MicroSys Email and Internet Usage policy as well as abiding by all policies of our customer and/or the United States Government.  Misuse of computers (laptops/desktops), email, and the Internet which access has been granted either by MicroSys, our customer, or the United States Government will not be tolerated.



  • We help our country better serve its citizens.
  • We help our country to defend our homeland, defend our national safety and interests, and assist our country’s mission to become safer, more efficient, and more effective through the use of information technology.

Always Remember Who We Work For
At MicroSys, most of our work supports our country, the United States of America, helping to better serve it’s citizens.  We are citizens or legal residents of the United States.  Therefore the work we do ultimately is to our own benefit and the benefit of our families, friends, and children.  It is our responsibility to perform our duties and responsibilities to the best of our abilities and to support our customers and partners with the utmost honor and integrity. 

Customer or Government Policies and Procedures
There are many rules and regulations we must follow when providing support to our customer or the United States Government.  In addition to strict adherence to our Code of Conduct Policy it is the responsibility of each employee to become familiar with any rules, regulations, policies or procedures unique to the customer being supported and adhere to those rules and regulations at all times.  Remember when you are supporting a customer or government agency on their site you represent yourself as well as MicroSys.  As MicroSys is committed to operating with integrity, dignity and honor we fully expect each employee to adhere to our Core Values, our Code of Conduct, as well any rules, policies and regulations of the customer or the government agency to which the employee provides support.

Access to Facilities
MicroSys, as a Federal IT Systems Engineering and Integration company, is often called upon to perform work on-site with our customers and/or the government.  This on-site work requires certain access to the customer’s or government’s facilities where security rules and regulations require strict adherence.  We expect our employees to adhere to our Core Values and Code of Conduct Policy and ensure they are complying with any security rules and regulations required by the customer or the government for access to their facility.

Security Clearances
MicroSys is a cleared facility at the Top Secret level and most of our employees hold government security clearances.  We are grateful for the trust the United States Government has placed in MicroSys and take very seriously the responsibilities that come with this trust.  It is important for our employees to understand having a government security clearance is not a right but a privilege.  We understand with privileges comes responsibility.  In order to obtain, maintain, or upgrade a government security clearance it is the responsibility of every MicroSys employee to conduct themselves with integrity, honesty, and sound character both personally and in the workplace.  Being granted a government security clearance or having a government security clearance revoked are decisions made by the United States Government based on thorough security background investigations it conducts both initially and periodically. 

MicroSys is committed to following the rules and regulations of the United States Government surrounding government security clearances as outlined in NISPOM.  MicroSys supports and adheres to the decisions made by the United States Government in regards to granting or revoking individual government security clearances. 

Contract Responsibilities
Through our work supporting the Federal Government, whether as a Prime Contractor or a Subcontractor, there are numerous laws, rules and regulations we must observe and obey.  MicroSys is committed to observing and obeying all the laws, rules and regulations as outlined by the Federal Government in every Prime Contract or Subcontract Agreement.



      • We strive to operate with integrity and honesty to earn our customers trust at all time.
      • We strive to be respectful of each other and our customers.
      • We strive to earn consistent profits; and
      • We strive to be good stewards and to earnestly invest back into the company; its capabilities and qualifications; its processes; and its employees for continuous improvement

Earning Trust and Respect
MicroSys is committed to serving our customers with honor and integrity and we expect every employee to act responsibly and honorably in supporting our customers.  At MicroSys ethical business is good business.  We expect every employee in the performance of their duties and responsibilities to treat others with dignity and respect – this includes fellow employees, partners, teammates, vendors, and customers.  It is through our actions and performance we earn the trust and respect of our customers. 

Dealing with Government Personnel
There are numerous laws and regulations that MicroSys and its employees must observe and obey.  The company’s dealings with federal, state, and local governmental officials must comply with all applicable laws and regulations, and they should be free from even the appearance of wrongdoing.  Employees and directors, as well as consultants, lobbyists, agents, and other representatives, should adhere to the highest ethical standards of conduct when dealing with government personnel.

Dealing with Industry Partners and Vendors
MicroSys is committed to serving our customers with honor and integrity.  To successfully support our customers often requires collectively working together with other industry partners.  These partners or teammates must at all times be treated with dignity and respect.  As teammates it is our common goal to serve and support the customer to the best of our collective abilities and MicroSys expects every employee to act accordingly.  Just as it is our goal to earn the trust and respect of our customers it is also our goal to earn the trust and respect of our industry partners.  Accordingly our dealings with our industry partners should always be done respectfully, with dignity, and honorably.  It is through our actions and performance we earn the trust and respect of our industy partners.

To successfully support our customers and industry partners as well to advance the overall improvement of MicroSys we procure various products and services from Vendors.  All dealings with MicroSys Vendors should be done respectfully, with dignity, and honorably.  It is through our actions and performance we earn the trust and respect of our Vendors. 

Acceptance of Gifts by Employees
Acceptance of gifts or gratuities may be construed as a conflict of interest.  Therefore, only gifts of nominal value may be accepted, meaning the gift must have a value of $50 or less, or be a gift of promotional value, meaning the gift is primarily of an advertising or promotional nature (for example, it has another company’s logo on it).  Any gift that exceeds a $50 value and is not promotional in nature must be approved by a senior vice president or above before it can be accepted.
In addition, employees and their immediate families may not accept gifts of money from MicroSys suppliers, vendors, or customers under any circumstances.  Checks, gift certificates, and gift cards are also considered money.

Good Stewardship
At MicroSys, in addition to operating with dignity, honesty and integrity we strive to consistently earn profits for the company.  MicroSys Executive Management is committed to and strives to be good stewards with these profits through the investment in the overall improvement of the company (eg. processes, procedures, technologies, Human Resources, facilities, resources, and our employees).  We are committed to continuous improvement in every aspect of the company and at all points throughout our growth.  The continuous improvement of MicroSys as a company is reviewed at least on a quarterly basis and decisions are made by Executive Management as to the priority and subsequent allocation of funding to effect positive improvement in the highest priority areas.  MicroSys Executive Management reserves the right to amend allocation of funding at any time based on priority and circumstances to ensure we are always acting responsibly as good stewards.