Employees of MicroSys enjoy many rights, responsibilities, and benefits as member of the MicroSys Team.  This document outlines information about many of those rights and responsibilities.  These rights and responsibilities correspond with or are in addition to other rights provided by state and federal law.  MicroSys reserves the right to amend these at any time and will communicate those changes to employees.  This document is not a contract of employment.

The Right to a Safe Workplace
MicroSys is committed to providing a safe workplace for our employees.  We will work with all appropriate governmental agencies to accomplish this.  In addition, we believe in providing a workplace which fosters: innovation and creativity; diversity; entrepreneurial spirit; and an atmosphere of dignity and respect for all employees

The Right to Existing State and Federal Benefits
Employees have the right to understand their rights and responsibilities under all state and federal employment laws.  MicroSys shall provide any requesting employee information to educate them of their rights and duties under these laws.

The Right to be free of Discrimination and Retaliation
Everyone has the right to dignity and respect and to protection against discrimination and retaliation.  This includes the right to equal employment opportunity without regard to race, color, age, veteran status, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, or disability.  Employees should treat others with dignity and respect.

The Right to Compensation for Work Performed
Every employee has the right to compensation for work performed by the employee.  MicroSys shall pay all compensation due to its employees.   Employees have the right to contact federal and state departments of labor for assistance in determining their rights under their laws.

The Right to Information
Most information regarding employee rights and responsibilities are posted in common areas.  In addition each employee shall be entitled to receive, upon request, the following:

  • A copy of MicroSys’ Employee Bill of Rights
  • A copy of MicroSys’ Code of Conduct
  • A copy of MicroSys’ Core Values
  • A copy of MicroSys’ Policies and Procedures
  • A copy of MicroSys’ Benefits Program

The Right to Understand Information Provided
Employees are entitled to understand their rights and responsibilities as MicroSys employees.  Employees should contact their HR Department contact or manager with any questions, including any problems understanding their rights.

The Right of Choice
Employees have the right to choose whether they wish to join MicroSys or any contract, program, or job opportunity presented to them.

The Right to Tell MicroSys
MicroSys is committed to providing an atmosphere of dignity and respect along with protecting the rights of employees throughout our organization.  As such we offer various avenues to help our employees resolve areas of dispute.  Should any employee have any issues, we encourage them to contact their corporate HR contact.  Moreover, if any employee feels they are being treated unfairly with respect to any employment matter we encourage them to contact us immediately so the matter can be resolved openly, honestly and fairly.

MicroSys Core Values
MicroSys’ Core Values ensure our commitment that all employees and customers are treated with dignity and respect.  As a part of our shared Core Values and collective rights, all employees are expected to act responsibly in the workplace.  Such areas of responsibility include treating all other employees with dignity and respect, abiding by the Code of Conduct, following all rules and regulations, reporting policy violations, and working safely and ethically at all times.